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Coste company is taken from the words: Co in Cooperation, S in Success and Te in Technology – COSTE“. 

2025 Vision

We wish to make COSTE become a company that converges 3 elements:

  • For customers: DEVOTED
  • For investors: VISION
  • Partner: PRESTIGE

Board of Directors

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About Us

COSTE Company Limited operates in two main areas: Investment and trade promotion; Consulting EPC package (solar and wind power). Besides, COSTE also has many other activities such as market survey, business connection, government dialogue, organizing seminars, fairs, agents …. Update information related to market, policy, promotion, marketing …

Not only that, COSTE is also promoting, exporting high quality agricultural products in Khanh Hoa province as well as other provinces to the US and Australia markets ….; promoting investment packages in the field of electricity, building industrial plants, high-tech agriculture, …

Slogan: Together we win.


For investors: We understand the importance of the benefits of investors when they want to develop markets and protect the environment in Vietnam. We will work with them to share the policy activities, propose investment plans with the most reasonable and cost effective.

For EPC contractor: We want to connect all industry groups in the field of operation to diversify cooperation plans as well as improve the quality of EPC package construction services.

–  For society: We want to play a small role in promoting social security work – creating more jobs and other benefits.